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Amongst our Products are:

Zero loss 50 to 75ohm Impedance converters

N connector Combiner/Splitters: This is a range of products we offer which, manufactured on PTFE type substrates, have very low loss and slope. We have units for frequencies between 800 and 2500MHz and also 50 to 180 MHz, 5 to 1000 MHz and C and Ku band. All are high performance.

Quintech produce a range of Switching and signal processing units for Frequencies from 50MHz to 2.5GHz. The range includes Matrices from 4x4 to 128x128 for frequencies to 2.5GHZ. LNB Power supply units, Splitter shelves, 70MHz to L band upconverters and Downconverters, LNB redundancy switches, Return path stacker/destackers and more.