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A range of 50 to 75 ohm impedance converters for System and Laboratory use.
These are microstrip transformers for best performance and lowest loss.
They exhibit excelent linearity and return loss.
They pass DC unlike resistive units. DC or 10MHz blocking is optional. If used with VSAT BUCs or PLL LNBs they will pass 10MHZ reference and control signals. A variety of connector options are offered to cover most situations.

New! Wideband units available covering 5 to 900MHz.

Type 23: SMA 50 ohm female to BNC 75 ohm Female

Type 24: N male 50 ohm to BNC 75 ohm

Type 25: N type Female 50 ohm to BNC 75 ohm

Type 26: N type male 50 ohm to F type female 75 ohm

Impedance converting Splitters 50 ohm input to 75 ohm outputs