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A range of N connector Combiners and accessories for use in VSAT systems. There are Combiners with 10MHz and DC pass as well as Bias Tees for DC to 5A.

SP2-2-10M 2way combiner with DC and 10MHz pass

SP4-2-10M 4way combiner with DC and 10MHz pass  

SP8-2-10M 8way combiner with DC and 10MHz pass

VBT1-2-3A  Bias Tee capeable of 3A DC pass

LP20-10 20dB Attenuator with DC and 10MHz Pass

SP2-2-10SW Switching Vsat Combiner

DIP10 10MHz and L band Diplexer

1U BUC PSU Rack mount BUC Powersupply , Redundant PSUs 24v or 48v DC

2U Buc PSU and reference unit   Rack mount BUC Powersupply N or F type connectors, Redundant PSUs 24v or 48v DC with 10MHZ reference oscillator.