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VSAT Bias Tee VBT1-2

The VBT1-2 is a high performance  Bias Tee designed to pass 950-2200MHz and add DC to the RF for powering a BUC (or LNB).

There are options to either pass 10MHz signal with the RF or to inject it with the DC.

Connector choices N, SMA, BNC 50 or 75 ohms, or F type

Option for mixed impedances at input and output ie 50 in 75 out or 75 in 50 out

The case is machined from Aluminium alloy and has a Nickel plated finish.

 Model  Freq range (GHz)  Insertion Loss  VSWR  DC pass  Impedance
VBT1-2 0.8 - 2.2 (+10MHz + DC) <1dB 1.1/1.35 3A @ 48V max 50 ohm (or 75ohm)


Input and Output Impedance: 50ohms 75 ohms
Connectors: 50 ohm: N female, SMA , TNC
                     75 ohm: BNC75, F type

Case: Aluminium Alloy
Operation Temp: -35 to +80C

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