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Wired RF and Data Racks

CCS satcom Ltd now can offer the manufacture of RF and Data racks.

We have for some time manufactured these only to support the systems we sell and now we can offer these for our equipment and also can supply to support any other RF or IT equipment.

We use a lot of Rittal racks (TS series mainly) and normally offer sizes up to 47U but can wire and equip racks of any  manufacturer or size.

We can assemble all mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, wire and test if required.

Also we offer International Shipping crates and a packing service or for UK delivery we can deliver ourselves or use our specialist shippers.

For most efficient use of space we offer custom metalwork, accessories and bracketry and also have a range of standard specials. For example : for "rear of rack" mounting

1U 2. 1x4 dual 4 way splitter Panel

1U 2.1x8 dual 8 way splitter panel

1U 4.1x4 quad 4 way Splitter panel

2U 8.1x4 Splitter panel

1U 16 off "zero loss" Impedance converter (50 to 75 ohm) 16 off impedance converters on a 1U bracket N or SMA to BNC or F connectors.

1U support shelf

1U extending support shelf

0U managed mains PDU

Patch panels for RF, Video/Audio and Data





Home Rack mount Products home Datasheet (pdf) Contact