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FGT11 GSM Terminal

The FGT11 is a high performance GSM terminal. It enable the use common telephone equipment, in the situations where there is no fixed telephone line available, by GSM system. The FGT11 has 2 telephone socket inputs which will accept most phones or other equipment (STB, Alarm etc)and provides a standard interface. The "output" of the FGT11 is a 50ohm socket for the antenna which can be either omni-directional or directional. For connection to the GSM network, the FGT11 accepts a standard SIM card.

 Freq range Uplink  GSM  Units
 Freq range Downlink 890-915
 Freq range Downlink 935-960
 Power +33 dBm
 Sensitivity -104 dBm
 Operating temp 0 to 55 oC
 Power supply 12 V


Output Impedance: 50ohms
Connectors: SMA
Case: Aluminium Alloy
Operation Temp: -20 to +50oC

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