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Desktop GSM Phone

The Desktop GSM Phone is a high performance GSM phone for use in situations where a GSM phone is required but the radiation may cause problems, such as Outside Broadcast vehicles, or when a desktop phone is required but there is no PSTN access available.It has the standard features you would expect, including logs for calls made, calls received and missed calls and also handsfree working. The instrument is powered from a 12v DC supply and includes a lithium ion battery for 20Hrs standby or 3hrs speech. The antenna can be located outside of sensitive areas as required. It uses a standard GSM SIM card.
 Freq range Uplink  GSM  Units
 Freq range Downlink 890-915
 Freq range Downlink 935-960
 Power +33 dBm
 Sensitivity -104 dBm
 Operating temp 0 to 55 oC
 Power supply 12 V


Output Impedance: 50ohms
RF Connector: SMA
Dimensions 170 x 140 x 50mm
Operation Temp: -20 to +50oC
Home GSM home Datasheet (pdf) Contact